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Online appointments and payment. Professional quoting and invoicing. Lead generation. Easy to use. Affordable. Happier customers. Happier you.


Online shop with Facebook integration. Lead generation. Loyalty & Rewards schemes. Concentrate on serving your customers.

Home Business & Network Marketing

Lead generation. Facebook integration. Email marketing automation. Online appointment setting. All connected so you spend your limited time running the business not the tools.

It's time for some changes..

Automation wins back time. Every hour won back from the demands of appointment setting, getting new customers, social media updates and chasing payments is an hour that can be better spent. Spent doing the thing that actually makes you money, or on life outside your business.

The value of time is something Rainbow Serpent founders Garry and Jen May know all too well. Parents to three young daughters, Jen has spent most of the last nine years as a stay at home mum, and has now returned to full time employment. Garry has taken on the mantle of primary carer, and has 10 precious hours per week of “normal” working hours time per week. So, like so many business owners out there, automation and efficiency are absolutely vital!

The majority of their careers have been spent “finding a better way” in big business including banks, health and government agencies. With the rise of web and mobile apps, many of the solutions we have successfully built are now within reach of the small business owner – hairdressers working from home or salons can let their customers book – and pay – online. Tradespeople can run their business from their smart phones. Network marketers and home business owners can inexpensively extend their reach far beyond their own communities. Business owners can automate some or all of lead generation, nurturing, and – most importantly – sales.

While app and social media providers have found new ways to bring power to the people, including trial periods, monthly subscriptions and “talking” to other apps, consultants have not changed their ways – until now.

We are confident in the quality of our advice, but unlike the big end of town, you won’t have to fork out upwards of £400 per day to see for yourself! No open ended contracts, no trying to get an army of consultants in your business. In fact, we’d prefer not to set foot in your business at all (no offence!). We make some of our income as commission on the products we refer – but because you pay by the month if you decide to stop using them we don’t get paid! And whenever you pay us to set up or connect the apps and tools we refer, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay – guaranteed!


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