Our Approach

Working in big organisations has taught us a lot-how to optimise complex processes, implement cutting edge technology to support those processes, and clear communications to the people on the front lines. It's also taught us the more layers between business owners and their agents of change the harder it is to deliver what the owner truly wants.

That is really at the heart of how we operate - we work hand in hand with the people that matter most, and always recommend the simplest option for you, your customers and your staff.

We also hate wasting time, which is why as much as possible we work remotely. The tools are available in this day and age for "the rest of us" are the same ones we have had available while working in the corporate world.

The Rainbow Serpent Story

At heart we both love trying to make the world we live in a better place. In a professional sense, that has always meant clearing a path for people to do their job more effectively. That usually happens through a combination of intent, tools(technology), simplified processes and communication.

Personally, we employ the same strategy as much as we can too, whether that be in our own business, health and fitness, and the chaotic roller-coaster ride otherwise known as parenthood!

Many of the tools and techniques we recommend you will see us use - if you make an appointment with us it will be via our favourite scheduling system. If you have come to us via social media or a Landing Page, they will be the same tools we will use if we are honoured with assisting you.


Most of this technology has been around for along time in one form or another. It is only in the last few years that it has been within the reach of small enterprise. We'd like to help make life better for the tradespeople, hairdressers, coaches, network marketers and the millions of other small business people we live amongst every day.

Meet the Team


Garry May

Business Systems Specialist


Garry has excelled in a number of diverse business performance roles across the finance, health and government sectors. He is that rare breed of technology champion who actually has experience "doing the job" and leading large business teams. It is this experience that makes his solutions always performance and people-focussed rather than introducing shiny new technology for the hell of it.

Jen May Change Specialist

Jen May

Change Specialist

Aftter completing her studies at Oxford and UCL, Jen got off to a flying start in her corporate career. A veteran of J.P. Morgan's graduate program, she had success in various business and technology roles before running her own multi-million pound projects. A successful career as a change champion across the finance, renewable energy and home based business sectors has been interspersed with a ten year stint as a stay at home mum.

All of these experiences and her own drive make her a perfect ally for business owners tying to get to the next level of performance.